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“I found my husband-to-be!”

“I want to share the success I had with Dave’s book, The Catch Your Match Formula. I was widowed years ago and tried online dating years later. I had some bad experiences (including a restraining order) and it took a long time to get over it. I’ve been single 11 years. I was told about Dave’s book and I decided I would try it. I filled out my profile…and within two months, I started dating this gentleman…and it really is effortless! I’m in such a happy place in this relationship! (He’s) fantastic with my children! And now we’re engaged! We just really click!

Miki K.


Get this book!

“A must read for all of you ladies searching for love online. As a Love Coach, I’m always looking to provide my clients with the most current and relevant information available. I feel that Dave Elliott has provided highly usable and clear directions on how to create a compelling profile that generates the desired outcome of attracting the right person for you online. His step by step process also encourages you to dive deeper into gaining more clarity about what you want and need in a relationship before plunging blindly in ahead without any real sense of direction. Having clarity about what you want can be life changing and impacts your ability to connect with the right person online. I highly recommend you follow Dave’s instructions and do the work that he lays out in the book because not only will it save you time and frustration you may learn something about yourself along the way such as what a great catch you are! This book will give you the edge and confidence you need to get noticed online which will vastly improve your chances to get noticed and attract your man. What are you waiting for? Get the book!”

Jaki Sabourin


“I had success within 3 hours!”

“So a number of months ago I decided to venture into the world of eHarmony. I’ve been on it now for about 3 months and it’s fair to say my results have been extremely poor! No dates, really I’ve just been trying to get someone to have a conversation with me. So this weekend I was going through creating a relationship vision for myself and came across your book. I downloaded it and worked through it all yesterday. I have to say, great book. It’s given me so much confidence to attack my profile and not be scared of it! It is the first book I’ve ever read in one sitting, so kudos to you! I had a friend read my profile awhile ago and she said to me “ooh, it’s very specific…perhaps you should change it”. So I did. The results have been no better, but I realise that I’d marketed my brand poorly.

I’ve just completed the upload of my new content and love the way it portrays exactly who I am and what I am looking for. I’ve included my velvet rope and I think that will help stop the time wasters and give me real prospects. Your book helped me realise that being proud of who you are and conveying your message to others in a special way is ok, and in fact necessary, if you want to have a passionate and loving relationship. I’ve realised, as Les Brown says, there are plenty of pigeons out there, but I’m searching for eagles and they’re rare, so don’t be afraid to be who you are and ask for. Bottom line, I thoroughly recommend this book, 6 stars!!”




“I just have to say that this book is brilliant!! I mean that!! This book helped me write a profile that is not only aligned with who I am but also helped me get more responses than I have gotten in almost 10 years of previous on line dating experience :)) It’s mind blowing!! I received over 140 emails + over 80 winks and I am not sure how many likes in 14 days! (When you add in the ones from the 2nd site) I have over 300 emails in 2 weeks…and they keep coming :))

I got more response now at 44 than back in the day at 34 and it’s not because of my looks!! I’ve always looked like this. It’s because of what I wrote!!! I think we are so self conscious of our physical appearance that often forget that what we say is even more important then how we look.

People don’t realize what a difference this makes!!”




“OK LADIES, LISTEN UP…. if you are doing online dating, or if you are thinking about it but not sure if it’s for you, then you seriously need to read this book. This book helped me to beautifully recreate my profile and the results have been phenomenal!! I am not exaggerating. Since I made the changes I have had 5 ‘high quality’ dates in one week and the messages keep coming!! Many of these guys specifically compliment and reference things I have written that this book helped me ‘soften’ to make more appealing to the male mind while still being true to who I am. As a love and relationship coach myself, I thought I had a pretty good working knowledge of all this stuff, but let’s face it, the hardest thing to do sometimes is to write about yourself in a ‘selling’ capacity which is what profiles are. I strongly encourage you to let Dave Elliott’s book help you to find the love of your life!”

Debra Faith


“This is an AWESOME book!”

“This is a truly FANTASTIC BOOK that can save you years of frustration and disappointment!!! I wasted hours and hours writing and rewriting my profile with minimal results (and I’m a very good writer). As a very successful lawyer I thought I could write a great profile on my own and people would be waiting in line for me. Unfortunately I was dead wrong! Fortunately, by carefully following the great practical and very straightforward recommendations in this book – such as “painting a picture of the future” (this was incredibly successful), effectively using “my Velvet Rope,” “generating Curiosity,” using “my USP,” identifying my “target market,” etc., my new profile generated WONDERFUL responses with the result that I’m now in a great AUTHENTIC relationship with a wonderful woman! And it didn’t take long once my profile was redone using Dave’s suggestions! In reading the book I was shocked to see how I was sending the wrong (and inaccurate) messages in my original profile. The simple truth is that following the recommendations in this book has saved me years of discouragement. My strong recommendation: get this book, carefully follow Dave’s practical steps, and make your dating life much better right now!!!”

(verified Amazon purchase)



From one guy’s perspective…

“Dave is very knowledgeable on this subject. The book is very well written with plenty of help along the way. I’ve always been able to meet very qualified matches. My problem was showing and selling my self. Once I learned to show who I was and what I brought to the table my dating profile changed for the better. I have worked with Dave in the past and he thrives on helping people live a better life. Please read the book and take your time with the exercises it will benefit you in the long run.”

Robert Rubin



“Loved it!”

“Dating in a digital world can feel daunting and inauthentic. Dave helped to set the red velvet ropes around who I am and who I am looking for. He takes the “desperation” feeling out of online dating and teaches you how to add some shizzizle to your profile. Dave isn’t afraid to get honest with you because he knows it will change your life. He’s the kind of coach that sees the potential in you even when you have doubts. I’m so glad he finally put all of his knowledge and love into this book and shared it with the world and he did it for the sheer pleasure of knowing that everyone does deserve to love and be loved.”

(verified Amazon purchase)



A game-changer for anyone who actually wants to find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right!”

“This has been a completely transformational book for me! I was at the point of giving up on online dating (and perhaps dating altogether!), having been incredibly frustrated by the process. I had done my profile, got a couple of friends to look at it and we agreed it was fine. I put it on a couple of dating sites and waited. The response I got was really bad. Yes, plenty of comments from men, but none that I actually wanted to respond to. I didn’t seem to be attracting the men I wanted to be attracting, and logging on to find endless winks from people was not inspiring me to take things further.

I was so close to throwing in the towel when I remembered this book. I had seen it advertised a while ago, and decided to give it a go. I was really pleased to be able to download it straight to kindle on my phone, and within a weekend I had read it and done all the activities because, although there is quite a lot of information, I was so engaged in the content! It was presented in an accessible way and made SO much sense. I could instantly see where I was going wrong.

I re-wrote my profile and put it online. I could not believe the difference in response. Even though I was being much more open and honest, which I thought may get the wrong kind of attention, I was amazed by how differently men were interacting with me straight away. I got far less meaningless contact via messages and winks, and much more respectful and appropriate interactions, like interesting questions asking me to expand on what I had written and invites to dinner.

I have felt so much more empowered by my profile as I feel it is more authentic, true to me and does genuinely seem to be attracting like-minded men which is amazing!

It is early days for me, and yet I wanted to say an enormous thank you to Dave for this fabulous book! I highly recommend it to men and women who are wanting to get clear about what they want and then find a way to present that in a way that the opposite sex will find interesting! I know I am in a far better position to find the right person by being clear and being able to present that clarity!”

Charlie M.


“It really does work!”

“I used Dave’s system to re-write my online profile and the response was incredible. I immediately started attracting exactly the type of guys I was looking for and the communication with them was very meaningful right from the start (none of the ‘hey babe’ etc). Additionally, the process of re-writing my profile helped me clarify exactly what I was after, what I had to offer and what I was & wasn’t willing to compromise on. I had previously used one of the match.com profile writing services & my experience was pretty bad but I’m glad I didn’t get put off. Dave’s system is very thoughtful, it’s easy and even fun, it makes sense and it best of all it works! Good luck!”


“I can honestly say that the
amazing woman I’m dating RIGHT NOW
would never have responded to my old profile…and now I know why.”

“I picked up a copy of “The Catch Your Match Formula” and not only was it a great book; it opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong – and what I could do even better! Using the exercises in the book, I totally re-wrote my profile and it WORKED! I can honestly say that the amazing woman I’m dating RIGHT NOW would never have responded to my old profile…and now I know why. If you’re not happy with the luck you’re having in online dating, GET THIS BOOK! (That’s because it’s not about luck. It’s about skill and Dave delivers! Trust me).”

Rob R.


6a00d834515f7b69e201bb07e031da970d“Dave’s advice works quickly!”

“After a year of self-imposed singledom, I was ready to get back into the game but knew I needed to do something different this time round to attract the kind of man I wanted in my life. That’s where Dave came in. Among the million other things, Dave taught me that it was important to let things unfold naturally and to let men prove their worth to me. So it wasn’t completely serendipitous when only a few months later I met my current partner who I am madly in love with.

Alexandra M.