Meet The Author, Dave Elliott

Dave-and-KatrinaWhen it comes to making sense of the often mystifying topic of relationships, Dave Elliott is an international relationship coach who breaks down complex concepts into easily understandable principles and practices. Whether he’s working one-on-one with a client, being interviewed by the media, writing an article that goes viral on the internet or creating another relationship product, his advice is right on target because he tells it like it is and breaks it down in simple terms.

That’s why Dave took on the challenge of writing The Catch Your Match Formula. He saw too many good people struggle in their dating lives because they were having trouble standing out from the crowd and connecting deeply with other singles. As a result, he set out to write a book that would give people a smart, real-world and no-nonsense approach to building rapport both online and in person. He realized that his background in advertising was filled with a whole toolbox of professional-quality tools that could be taught easily and effectively in order to make a huge difference quickly.

Dave is known for getting results with a variety of techniques that enable rapid transformational change. With his experience and training, Dave helps teach others how to effectively understand, predict and even influence human behavior.
With all of his extensive training and life’s experience, Dave’s main focus is helping people navigate the uncertainties of their most intimate relationships. His specialty is helping women learn to understand men and work with them much more effectively in order to bring out the very best in them…rather than suffering through the worst from them. Plus as a Neurostrategist, he provides people with the awareness and specific strategies for success that they need.

After his own marriage ended in a painful and disappointing divorce, Dave used that experience to drive him to discover just what it takes to create A Legendary Love for Life which is coincidentally the name of his coaching business. After researching and learning about everything he could find in the field of human relationships, he used his past experience as an award-winning ad man to take the very best information he could find and perfect it to make it easier to learn, more memorable and even more effective.

The good news is that along the way on his journey, he met and married a woman who shared his commitment to mastering the area of relationships. Today, he and his wife, Katrina, share a mission to travel the world to touch, move and inspire others in healing their own wounds and forming more conscious, loving and evolved relationships. Together, they look forward to perhaps meeting you at an upcoming seminar or presentation.

In addition to sharing his expertise on TV, radio, live on stage and as a highly sought-after expert blogger on popular relationship websites, Dave has also created and markets his own personal line of products.

His rapid relationship turnaround CD, known as The H.U.G. & K.I.S.S. Hierarchy, will help you elicit and unlock your partner’s – or your own – exact love and attraction strategy in about 38 minutes. This technique is incredibly powerful and transformational because it essentially gives you the exact combination that will open your partner’s heart any and every time so they feel loved in exactly the way they NEED to be loved.

In addition, he’s also the Creator of The ManMagnetics Formula™ – a free website that teaches women the 9 secrets that will bring out the very best in men so they can avoid settling for their worst. You can learn all about it and watch hours of free video instruction at

Currently, Dave and his wife, Katrina, go back and forth between their home in Australia and Dave’s hometown of Baltimore, MD in the United States. When they’re not traveling, teaching or coaching, they’re usually renovating a house or spending time with their friends and family including their amazing grandson, nephew and niece whom they adore.